Gridlock's Bass Booster Pack #10 – Diplo, Lazerdisk Sex Party, Santigold, Boys Noize, Noisy Freaks, T.E.E.D.

Posted By: Eric Robberts On:

It’s the 10th anniversary of my Bass Booster packs. I hope I’ve provided you all with a lot of off the wall, off the radar tracks and I am hoping this tenth one is especially unique. I’ve got a Santigold track produced by Diplo and Boys Noize (who did what I’d really like to know). A Diplo and Lazerdisk Sex Party track off of Diplo’s upcoming Express Yourself EP which comes out on June 12th I believe. A really dirty track by The Noisy Freaks featuring Blaster. Lastly I’ve got a rip (not quite HQ but still good) of American Dream part II by Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs or T.E.E.D. for short. I’ve also embedded the video so we can all celebrate the tenth edition of this weekly post. Let’s party!
Download Santigold Look at These Hoes
Download Diplo and Lazerdisk Sex Party Set it Off
Download The Noisy Freaks ft. Blaster Battle (Original Mix)
Download Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs American Dream part IICheck out and follow our SOUNDCLOUD and subscribe to the FEED to get the best EDM in the future. Follow Electrokill on Facebook and Twitter.

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