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Wow how cool is that! Club Classics from 1983 to 1998 mixed by the amazing S-File! Definitely something we don’t post often! I consider this post instructive, if you were too young or not born in those years, you should get this mix and get some knowledge on the birth of EDM. I think a real EDM fan should know their s**t, EDM wasn’t born with Skrillex you know šŸ˜‰ And for producers…this is huge inspiration! This is your homework for today kidz, get to know your s**t!

S-File – Club Classics (1983-1998)

01. Ecstasy Club ā€“ Jesus loves Acid (Swordfish) (1988)

02. Joey Beltram ā€“ Energy Flash (R&S) (1990)

03. Old Skool ā€“ Cauz Iā€™m learn (UMM) (1994)

04. Cheek ā€“ Venus (Pepe Bradock Mix) (Versatile) (1998)

05. Dred Stock ā€“ Pump (Dress it) (TNT) (1995)

06. R.I.P. Productions ā€“ The Rub (Ice Cream) (1995)

07. Vida Simpson ā€“ Oohh Baby (AVH Summer F*) (High Life) (1995)

08. Steve Pointdexter ā€“ Work that Motherfucker (Muzique) (1989)

09. Public Energy ā€“ Three Oā€™ Three (Nova Mute) (1992)

10. Outlander ā€“ Vamp (R&S) (1991)

11. George Kranz ā€“ Din Daa Daa (Pool) (1983)

12. New Order ā€“ Blue Monday (Factory) (1983)

13. Trans X ā€“ Living on Video (Polydor) (1983)

14. D.H.S. ā€“ House of God (Hangman) (1990)

15. Green Velvet ā€“ Flash (Relief) (1995)

16. Dave Clarke ā€“ South Side (Deconstruction) (1996)

17. Happy Trax Vol. 2 ā€“ Give it to me (Happy Rec.) (1993)

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