Gridlock's Bass Booster Pack #6 – Kid Cudi, R3K, Kid Cedek, Figure, Datsik

Posted By: Eric Robberts On:

I’m back at your spot for bass. Did anyone go to Coachella? I’m wondering what Kaskade’s new stage setup looked like. Oh well, let’s get into it, I got a variety of stuff today.

Let’s start with a dope Kid Cudi remix I’ve been repeatedly listening to this week, it’s kind of old but not a lot of people know about it.

Kid Cudi – Falling Star (R3K remix)

Download Kid Cudi Falling Star (R3K Remix)

Now let’s get into a dope moombah number, by someone you’ve seen me post about before, Kid Cedek.

Kid Cedek – Chingoteo (Original Mix)

Download Kid Cedek Chingoteo (Original Mix)

Now let’s get another one from the always stellar Figure.

Figure – The Brink

Download Figure The Brink

And lastly, here might be my favorite track off of Datsik’s new album. Go cop that!

Datsik – Need You

Download Datsik Need You

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