Valentino Khan, Will Bailey, DJ R.L., Pickster, Paul David, A-Mac, Etc Etc, Elonious, Too Short, DJ Melo, Chris Hurst, Doc Scott, Secret Sauce, Bigmakk [MOOMBAHTON GONE WILD]

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@GomuGomuNoPayo requested some new moombahton on the twitter wall in the right sidebar, so I builded a massive playlist of new moombahton bangers, just for him …and you of course! I haven’t been impressed with moombahton lately but this has all changed now, it’s back! Producers like Pickster, Melo, Valentino Khan, Chris Hurst, Will Bailey and many others are keepin’ it real and throwing some heavy bass 110bpm monsters right in our face! I especially like the hip hop influenced moombahton, really digging this lately! I hope you will like the choonz! As always, like, comment, tweet, mention us …spread the word djs!

Dj R.L. – Nfl Horns (Pickster Moombahton Edit)

Too Short – Where The Pretty Girls At (Pickster and Melo Moombayton Remix)


Chris Hurst – Do Not Go In There!

Valentino Khan & Will Bailey – Rukus

Doc Scott – Far Away (Secret Sauce Rmx) [SMOOTH MOOMBAH]

Paul David & A-Mac – Horizon (Etc Etc Remix)

Elonious – Move Your Soul Vip

You didn’t have enough, you’d like to hear a game changer?

Nuff Said.

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