The Sonixx Ft. Laura Newman – You Don't Like Me + Official music video [DUBSTEP]

Posted By: Eric Robberts On:

We, at, have been following The Sonixx since his beginning. He as evolve a lot during the last two years and we are pleased to share with you his latest track for which he made his first video. I love this tune and I have to say, the video his pretty nice and original to. Vocals on the track are brought to you by Miss Laura Newman and I don’t know if these two will work together again in the future but I sure hope they will cause her vocals are very nice. This is, once again, a free track from The Sonixx so if you like what you hear, download, share and enjoy. Of course take a minute to go and like him on facebook and soundcloud.

The Sonixx Ft. Laura Newman – You Don’t Like Me

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