Justice, Hit Mechaniks, Aress, Mastoras, Childish Gambino, Michael Brun, Blue Stahli, Lancelot, Bedrockk, Gold Panda [INDIE DANCE/NU DISCO] [ELECTRO-POP]

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This is a huge post dedicated to Indie Dance / Nu Disco and Electro Pop only! If you are looking for Dubstep or Electro or any other types of filthy banging EDM, this ain’t for you 😉 What I have for you today is funky and super groovy! I wonder though, what kind of demographic listen to Indie Dance/Nu Disco? I think it’s something like 25+, what do you think? Are you younger than 25 and enjoy Nu Disco? or is it too “soft” for Dubstep and Electro headz? I would love to have your input on this. Are you interested in this at all? If you could take 1 minute to comment some feedback you would definitely make my day! Thanks and enjoy the grooves!

Hit Mechaniks – Dirty Funk (Original Mix)

Lancelot – Spoken Word

Aress – Do you wanna (Original)

Justice – Helix (Mastoras Discovery Remix) [DUBSTEP-ISH DISCO/INDIE DANCE]

Childish Gambino – Heartbeat (Michael Brun Remix) [ELECTRO POP]

Blue Stahli – Rebellion Anthem

Blue Stahli – Blue Stahli

Bedrockk – Flash Flood (Gold Panda “India Lately” Flip)


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