[Dubstep OVERDOZE #10] Lana Del Rey, Vaski, Kid Sister, Riff Faff, Kannamix, NB Ridaz, Shawmin, Styles And Complete, A-Mac, Paul David, Starfoxxx, Roxanne, Lil Scrappy, Kaptain Cadillac, Tommy Noble, Sara Laske

Posted By: Eric Robberts On:

The overdoze is back!!! Today, free choonz from Vaski and Kannamix, what a treat! Another great remix of one of Lana Del Rey’s songs (after Gemini’s remix of Born To Die), I think 2012 will be flooded with remixes of Lana Del Rey, kind of what happened to La Roux in 2009, some funkstep (Nu Disco VS Dubstep) and as usual more and more free electronic dance music for your ears! If you like the music, even if it’s only one song, please share, like, tweet, email, we need your help 🙂 Cheers!

Vaski – The Island (ft. Sara Laske)

Kannamix – Arkansas Melody

Lana Dey Ray – Diet Mountain Dew (Tommy Noble Remix)

Roxanne – On and On [NU DISCO + DUBSTEP – FUNKSTEP]

NB Ridaz – Lost In Love (Shawmin Remix)

Kid Sister ft. Riff Raff – Hide & Seek (Styles&Complete Remix)

A-Mac & Paul David – O-Wey (Starfoxxx Remix)

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