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First of all, I would like to wish you all a Happy New Year. 2011 as been a great year but 2012 will be better and bigger. It was very hard for me to do that top 10 so I had to choose some criteria. First, I asked myself which tracks I listened to the most during the year. I then asked myself, which track I used the most in my sets and finally, I took in consideration how big the artist did it in 2011. Obviously a lot of tracks deserves to be in that top 10 which is why I’ll have a «they were so close» section at the end of the post. Oh yeah, you’ll notice that I love good vocals on tracks lol.

#10. Benny Benassi Feat. Gary Go – Cinema (Skrillex Remix)

I am not the biggest Skrillex fan but Maaaan what a year it’s been for him. On top of the release of «More Monsters And Sprites» in June and of course the «Bangarang EP» at the end of the year, Skrillex worked on plenty of remixes. Top that with «The Mothership Tour» which had 66 different shows and, according to me, you can call that a big year haha. A lot of people discovered Skrillex because of his remix of Cinema. This song as been played by so many DJ’s from so many different genre that I wouldn’t be surprise to learn that it is THE track that got the most spin during 2011 (I even saw Tiesto close one of his set with it). In the end, whatever people say about Skrillex, he still got one of the biggest banger of the year.

#9. Ellie Goulding – Lights (Fytch Remix)

2011 is the year I felt in love with Ellie Goulding. She is beautiful, has a beautiful voice but on top of it she did that amazing song which got remixed by at least 10 different major producer. From Electro to Drum & Bass passing by Dubstep of course, this song exist in many different genre. Of all those remixes, Fytch’s remix is my favourite but believe me it was not easy to choose only one. At a very young age, Fytch did not release much this year but what he did release was massive. «The Raindrops EP» was his first EP on beatport and with support from such artist as Borgore, Cookie Monsta and Skism, you can believe me when I say : We haven’t heard the last of him.

#8. Zomboy – Organ Donor

Another new comer in the Dubstep scene and man he got big fast. At only 22 years old and after only one year at producing Dubstep, Zomboy already have support from such artists as Foreign beggars (who is right there at #7) who said during an interview that Zomboy was one of the biggest new comer in the industry. He released his debut EP entitled «Game Time EP» through Never Say Die Records. It quickly climbed the charts and is still in the top 30 releases on Beatport as I right this. I personally loved the hole EP and suggest it to anybody who loves Bass Music. Oh by the way, keep an eye on this guy cause he will bring it big in 2012.

#7. Foreign Beggars – Still Getting It ft. Skrillex

Man where do I start. Foreign Beggars are always bringing it hard and there game is fucking tight. In 2011 they release «The Harder they fall EP» which includes this amazing track who made #7 in my top 10. Also noticeable, they worked with Flux Pavilion and Skism to drop that massive track called «jump Back» and with Vato Gonzalez to make «Badman Riddim (Jump)». «Still Getting It» is a perfect combination of filthy bass, well placed wobbles and sick MC’ing. I played that track so many times and I heard it in so many mixes from different DJ’s that it definitely had to be in my top 10 tracks of the year. Skrillex did a great job on the beat which as one of my favourite drop of the year. One sure thing, if you don’t know about them, you need to find out cause to me they are on top of this genre with guys such as P Money and Dizzee Rascal.

#6. Noisia – Tommy’s Theme

First of all, WOW. Second of all, Hot Dam. Seriously this as been my intro track for so many sets for so many reasons. Noisia always brings it big and this track makes no exception. The build up to the first drop gives me goosebumps and the first drop well, I simply have no words to describe it. It is not one of those super filthy track but it is so beautifully built that no one can argue that it is a sick track. I personally knew Noisia for there excellent Drum & bass but I’m extremely happy that they produced that amazing Dubstep track. Another very noticeable track from them this year is that sick Drum & Bass track called «Could this be» which also as an epic intro. Noisia have not been extremely busy this year but what they released was always top quality. I have never seen them live but I hope so bad that they will come to Montreal soon.

#5. Arkasia – New World Disorder (23’s Orchestra Dubstyle Extravaganza)

Arkasia is in my top 5 Dubstep producer ever. A lot of you might not know this but Arkasia began playing violin at age 5. By age 10 he play with an orhestra and by 12 was collaborating on the creation of mini-operas. A self-taught drummer in a metal band by 2000 he began to compose electronic music founding the ADAPTEK’s collective with two friends. This collab led to the creation of the band ANTROPOD and the live performance infoumasly known as Polakatek (which is not Dubstep). He left the collective in 2008 to pursue his own projects. Arkasia dropped 5, yes you read properly, 5 major EP’s this year so no need to say that he was extremely productive this year. The way he compose so elegantly his tracks and his implication on the scene makes him one of the best Dubstep producer in the game right now, at least that’s my humble opinion. New World Disorder made my top 10 because with his crazy melody and sick drops, it is simply a magic track that I’ll never get tired of.

#4. DJ Fresh – Louder (Flux Pavilion & Doctor P remix)

DJ Fresh as been a sick Drum & Bass producer for a long time. He did what I like to call a rebirth this year releasing this huge track which instantly topped every charts in EDM music and still is in the top 100 Dubstep chart on Beatport (even though it got release beginning of July). Combine with a sick video, Louder became an anthem and got spin by every major DJ/Producer in 2011. It is one of those track that everybody, even people that don’t know or don’t love Dubstep that much, can appreciate. I for myself know that I listened to that track so often that I know it by heart. Even though it is not a hardcore Dubstep track, it is according to me, a perfect track to introduce anybody to the scene. I wont lie though, I hope that DJ Fresh will continue making that sick Drum & Bass he use to make that made me fall in love with his music. For sure most of you already have that track but if you don’t, make sure you get it. Also know that he will be releasing another very hot single in February called «Hot Right Now» which I will share with you guys very soon.

#3. Terravita – Lords And Ladies (Original Mix)

Man for those of you who are not familiar with Terravita, know that they are definitely one of the best and most talented Drumstep/Drum & Bass producers in the game right now. The first time I heard this track, I could not believe my ears. it is simply THE best Drumstep track of 2011. They also were extremely productive this year releasing 3 amazing EP. This track was on the «Dirty Rottun Scoundrels EP» which also includes another sick track called «Gangsta Don’t Dance». Lords And Ladies as a little 8 bit sounds touch and is simply there best track of 2011 and this is why it made number 3 in my top 10. To me, no one can argue the fact that they are one of the best in the game right now and I sure hope I’ll be able to catch them live in 2012. As my description of the track, two words : Hot Daaaam.

#2. Deadmau5 – Raise Your Weapon (Feat. Greta Svabo Bech)

I know a lot of you might argue with my #2 pick but I personaly think that this track is fucking amzing. It got released in the begining of the year on the «4X4=12 EP» which includes all kinds of bangers. I mean I’m still listening to it once in a while. As if the original was not good enough, it got remixed by so many talented producers that I can’t name them all but here are some of the best remixes according to me : Madeon, Noisia, Stimming, Fytch and even one of Montreal’s very good Dubstep producer, The SoniXx. Deadmau5 did not only released a sick EP in 2011, he also established Mau5trap records as one of the best label in the EDM music with artist such as himself, Feed Me, Noisia, Moguai and SoFi. Top that with a humongous tour called «Deadmau5 Meowingtons Hax Tour» which had 50 shows and a sick, I repeat, sick visuals, Corporate events such as the VGA award shows and electronics product launches such as the Nokia lumia, i think it is safe to say that Deadmau5 had a pretty amazing year. i know there’s a lot of hate towards him right now but I think no one can argue the fact that he is one of the biggest name in the industry right now.

#1. Nero – guilt

Yes it is now time for #1 and there was no doubt in my mind about this one. To me, Nero are THE best Dubstep producer in the game right now. They release The best album of the year called «Welcome Reality» which includes so many sick track that my top ten could have been composed of at least 5 tracks from it. They also did some of the best remixes of 2011 such as there remix of the Calvin Harris original, feel so close (which also could have been in my top 10 lol). The first time I heard Guilt, my mouth dropped to the floor. I simply thought it was magic, genius, freaking amazing. It was on repeat for so long in my car and still is. Nero got a unique way of building tracks which puts them in a class of there own. if you give me they opportunity to see only one last show for the rest of my life, hands up my choice would be Nero. I never had the chance of seeing them and I sure hope I will before I die (Let’s just say that it’s definitely on my bucket list). Not only the track is amazing but the video, which I will share here, is just as amazing. I don’t recall the time that Nero released something I did not like and I doubt that will ever happen. To show you guys just how different and special they are, they had a BBC one special on which they performed Symphony with a full orchestra.

So you got it, this was my top 10 EDM tracks for 2011. I hope you liked it and of course I would like to know what you think of it. I would also like to take this opportunity to wish you all a happy new year and also to thank you all for following us on the site, Facebook and Twitter. Our mission is to bring you the best of EDM music and we’ll keep doing it in 2012.

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