Liquid Stranger – Burst [DUBSTEP]

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If you’re searching for a face-melting banger, this isn’t it. It is one of the chillest electronic tracks I have come across recently, really laid back and relaxed, and flows so nicely the whole way through. This track sounds more like actual dub reggae than dubstep, but I classified it as dubstep because of Liquid Stranger’s repertoire and also it’s strong electronic elements. Not a total departure from what we are used to hearing from him, but definitely much softer, Liquid Stranger has blessed our ears with a beautifully composed track that doesn’t feel seven minutes long, even though it is. I really appreciate the fact that no matter what he produces, he always has some element of true dub reggae in his songs, something which is often overlooked by far too many dubstep producers these days. Rarely do you find a track this long that doesn’t get boringly repetitive or monotonous.

Liquid Stranger will soon be releasing an album with more chilled-out, atmospheric tracks like this one. Cryogenic Encounters, on Interchill records, is due for release Feb 1st, 2012. If you are strictly a fan of his bangers and harder material, never fear, he will be back in the fall with The Renegade Crusade, the much anticipated follow up to The Arcane Terrain. Personally, I would love to hear more opuses like this from him in the future, but I definitely look forward to hearing his harder stuff to. He rarely disappoints.

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Liquid Stranger – Burst – [ELECTROKILL.INFO]

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