Hot Casandra – Early Nightmares EP + Aleck – Mechanical Poetries EP [INDIE-DANCE/NUDISCO] [ELECTROPOP] [DUSTEP]

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His name is Alessandro Mancini (a.k.a. Aleck), he is 21 and he is from Rome, Italy.

He is a singer and producer of electro music. His style blends various genres which go from dubstep to drum n bass and from electro house to techno.

Now, after a few years of musical research, he decided to let his first self-produced EP out for free download.

The title is “Mechanical Poetries” and it’s entirely written and produced by him and by his right-hand man Salvatore Mollica (a.k.a. Sam).
It is an organic project where the tracks sustain each other and the variety of genres, like dubstep, moombahton and electro, provides a great range of ideas.
Basically it is a vocal album since no instrumental tracks are present, so surely not everybody will like this aspect, but our purpose is to propose something new that can draw the attention of the most “hard” listeners of electro music too.

Imperfect (ELECTRO-POP)

Wild Game (DUBSTEP)

Poet in Chains (ELECTRO-POP)

Heavy Little Stones

Rumours and Cigarettes (ELECTRO-POP)

Vegas Hope (DUBSTEP)

Hot Casandra is the stage name of Bucharest-born singer, songwriter and producer Paul Ballo. Paul got into music at an early age, whilst being home trained by his own mother, Bianca Ionescu, an internationally known Romanian operetta singer.

He played as a drummer for bands like Go To Berlin, The Amsterdams and Kumm and after touring with the bands above he decided to concentrate on his own sound.
Whilst working under the alias Hot Casandra, Paul Ballo, altogether with his close friend and ex-band mate from Go To Berlin, Matei Teposu, formed the band called Trouble Is. “Cold Machine”, the duo’s first single and video, was out late 2010 and the second material, just as the debut album, are due this year.
In November 2011, Hot Casandra released the debut E.P. called “Early Nightmares” that includes five tracks and is available now for digital purchase at / The album is a mix of ElectroPop / Indie Dance / Nu Disco.

01 Gargarin

02 Tira Mi Su

03 Larissa

04 Hold Me Tight (feat. Bianca Ionescu)

05 Birds and Boys

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