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A few vocal tracks for you today, I know a lot of readers like their house and electro with vocals so today is your day! First we have electropop from the duo NU.F.O. and some progressive house from italian/brazilian producer Allan Natal.

I find that NU.F.O. sounds like if Linkin Park started to do electropop, is it just me? I’m not a big fan of electropop personnaly but “Above the surface” is huge! Check it out!

NU.F.O. – Above The Surface

NU.F.O. – This Is A Vicious Kiss

NU.F.O. – Losing Touch

Allan Natal is currently one of the biggest names of the eletronic music of Brazil.
He plays in massives parties around the world, for example in Mexico, Canada, Italy, Usa, Israel, Turkey and others. While NU.F.O. sounds more electropop/indie dance, Allan Natal is more vocal house/vocal progressive house. Pure nightclub music!

Allan Natal feat. Leilah Moreno – You’re Not Here (Original Mix)

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