Kill The Noise – Talk to me (Original Mix) + Tim Ismag – The Rock (Original Mix) [DUBSTEP]

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Kill The Noise as been absent for a while. It’s been almost two years and now he’s back with a solid EP called Kill Kill Kill on OWSLA record. The EP includes 10 tracks from Electro-House to Dubstep and there is even a Drum and Bass track. So there is some good music for everybody on this EP. If you like what you hear, make sure to support the artist.

Kill The Noise – Talk to me (Original Mix)

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Here is another sick track that I had for a little while but totally forgot about. Yeah I’m really busy lately and got a lot of music to listen to so sometimes I forget about a sick track like this. It is from the Big Rock Disco EP that got released 1 month ago. EP is sick, this track is sick and Tim Ismag is a sick mothaf$%8 haha. I hope you’ll enjoy it as much as I do and don’t forget, if you like it, support it.

Tim Ismag – The Rock (Original Mix)

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