Helicopter Showdown & Calvertron – Drop It Again (Original Mix) + Adroa Ft. Messinian – Time Warp (Original Mix) [DUBSTEP]

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More Heavy bass music for ya’ll. This track is from the latest Helicopter Showdown EP «Flight or Fight» which includes sick remixes from killhabits, Will Bailey (Breaks) and a featuring from Messinian. The track I wanted to share with ya’ll was produced in collabo with Calvertron. It as, of course, a nice bass line and a very nice build up to the second drop which is very nice. If you like what you hear, make sure to support the artist by clicking the links in the text.

Helicopter Showdown & Calvertron – Drop It Again (Original Mix)

//—————- BEGIN BEATPORT PLAYER ———————–

//—————- END BEATPORT PLAYER ————————-

This one comes from the latest Adroa «End Boss EP» which once again includes a featuring from Messinian that I decided to share with you guys. As you might know by now I’m a big Messinian fan and even though he is not very present on the track, His little touch makes this track much better. Don’t sleep on this one and wait for the second drop at 2:22 min before you do anything haha. Seriously, the second drop is siiiiiiiick. I hope you love this track as much as I do and if you do, you know what to do.

Adroa Ft. Messinian – Time Warp (Original Mix)

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