Blu Mar Ten – Problem Child + All Or Nothing [DRUM & BASS]

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Drum N Bass all-stars Blu Mar Ten have finally graced us with their long awaited second full-length album, Love Is The Devil. I can very rarely say that I enjoy every single song on an album (in fact I don’t think I ever have), but I think this one may be the exception. This masterful release features a wide array of relaxed vibes, ranging from liquid DnB to Glitch and half-time DnB tracks. The sampling is simply mind-blowing and the incredible melodies create an aurally orgasmic soundscape. Listening to it the first time through, I found myself eagerly waiting for some of the half-time beats to kick into high-gear with a heavy snare or an amen break, but re-listening to it, I was able to fully appreciate the complexity of the productions for what they were: incredible, timeless pieces of art. The tracks vary in mood and vibe, but they are all individually awesome. There are a bunch of featurings on the LP, both producers and vocalists. This album is a definite must-have for any bass music lover.

After much deliberation, I couldn’t select only one track to share with you, in fact I had trouble limiting myself to two. I urge everyone to listen to the rest of the tracks, as there is truly something there for everyone. You can hear samples of all 18 tracks on Blu Mar Ten’s Soundcloud.

I could go on about these tracks and the album for days, but I will let the music speak for itself. Please share this with anyone you know who loves Drum N Bass, especially the old school heads. If you like what you hear, show Blu Mar Ten some love on Facebook or Soundcloud, and don’t be shy about copping the album directly from their website’s shop (cheaper and many options) or from Beatport.

Blu Mar Ten – Problem Child

Blu Mar Ten – All Or Nothing

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