Arkasia – The Uprising Freedom (Original Mix) [DUBSTEP]

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Daaaam excuse my language but this bitch right here gave me goosebumps. For a long time I had Nero all alone on top of the dubstep industry because they have that way of composing dubstep just like classical geniuses like Mozart or bach use to do. Well from now on, to me at least, Arkasia is right there with Nero. There music is simply amazingly good. They construct there music bit by bit with amazing melodies and of course amazing drops. Dubstep ain’t only about putting some wobble on a baseline and Arkasia are doing so much more then that. this track I’m sharing with you guys today is from there latest EP called Evolution. The Ep of course is amazing and you guys should definitely get it on beatport. If you like Arkasia like I do, make sure you support them by following them on Facebook and Soundcloud and by buying there latest EP.

Arkasia – The Uprising Freedom (Original Mix)

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