ALL.U.C – Sunny Romantic Days (Scalp ft. Apache Remix) [DUBSTEP] + Apashe – Amadeus [DRUMSTEP]

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A beautifully melodic dubstep tune from Belgian producer Scalp, featuring his fellow countryman Apache (who is currently producing out of Montreal). The track features an electronic pan-flute melody with some really interesting samples and it drops heavy and full of filth while still being really nice and chilled-out.

ALL.U.C – Sunny Romantic Days (Scalp ft. Apache Remix)

Be sure to check out Scalp’s Soundcloud for a free 6-track EP download, and give his other tracks a listen. I have a feeling we’ll be hearing more from him in the near future. He has great sample selection and makes use of some very original noises in his tracks. Show him some love if you feel the same!

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Definitely keep an eye out for Apashe (aka Lindien) as well! (His name is spelled Apache in certain places, but confusing as it can be, it is the same person.) AMADEUS is his take on Mozart, as Drumstep. Simply huge, and most of his sounds are equally filthy and heavy. Some really top-notch production coming from this young up-and-comer.


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