Midnight Conspiracy – Discord [ELECTRO-HOUSE] [DRUMSTEP]

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“You are all innocent. The Shepard has begun to slaughter the sheep,” is an excerpt from Midnight Conspiracy’s performance at North Coast Music Festival, which included some theatrics such as a narrated storyline in between songs, live instrumentation over a new unreleased track fittingly called “The Eye”, and some scantily clad military bondage girls unleashing sparks into the sky by grinding metal over their private parts during a “war” section of brutal dubstep.

So what has Midnight Conspiracy been up to besides turning their sets into a mini-freak show? If you follow their Facebook, apparently a member was kidnapped by the illuminati while the others were busy rocking it out at Lollapalooza and Ultra Music Festival, and they’re in the middle of building a 14 foot tall LED sculpture in the shape of their “Eye of Providence” logo to watch over patrons at their shows. So it’s nice of them to take time from these extracurriculars to release a track off their upcoming Discord EP. You can download the remix off their Soundcloud and also preview the original mix of Discord in the teaser video that shows them rocking it out like there’s no tomorrow, because in their minds the world is ending tomorrow.

Discord EP
1. Midnight Conspiracy – Discord (Original Mix)
2. Midnight Conspiracy – Discord (Digiraatii Remix) (SICK SICK DRUMSTEP)
3. Midnight Conspiracy – Discord (At Dawn We Rage Remix)
4. Midnight Conspiracy – Discord (The Chaotic Good Remix)
5. Midnight Conspiracy – Discord (Lemi Vice Remix)
6. Midnight Conspiracy – Discord (Paparazzi Remix)

The EP is available for purchase now at the Beatport link below.

Latest tracks by Midnight Conspiracy

Download the “The Chaotic Good Remix” right here!

Discord (The Chaotic Good Remix)



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