Behind the scenes from ADVENTURE CLUB'S new music video!

Posted By: Eric Robberts On:

A few days ago I visited Adventure Club’s set for their new music video and I must say that it’ll be sick! They worked really hard on this and you’ll see that hard work always ends up paying! The concept is dope (forget the usual club scene music video) they have something far better, more original and interesting. Expect Swords, Fights and …monsters!!! Here’s a few facts about the video:

*The video is being produced by SkyRocket Entertainment , filmed and directed by Luckyfish Productions, and its for Adventure Club’s newest song which is currently unreleased.

*The song is an original track and not a remix, but does sample the vocals of a talented female artist.

*They spent 3 months working on pre-production, it took 4 days straight to make all those monsters, and yes they did them all by hand each one!

*The scene’s (walls and background) were all made by hand again by them and their helpers, it took 2 days to assemble it all.

*They had a fight choreographer teaching the guys how to use their weapons properly.

*They filmed at a studio in Montreal, near decarie and hwy 40, they started filming Saturday morning, went all the way into the night, slept for a few hours, came back and filmed all day sunday, the guys filmed through the night and into the morning putting in more than 30+ hours straight of filming.

Here’s a few pics of the set:

More info coming soon!

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