Electrokill Summer Bash 2011

Posted By: Eric Robberts On:

A huge thank you to everybody who came to our first Electrokill Summer Bash! I had the best time ever! I have too many people to thank! All the artists were simply AMAZING! Thank you sooooooo much! Special thanks to djweb.tv and dead shot productions for the broadcast and an upcoming montage of the event! A big thank you to Dave DaeLow Lortie and Charlie Walker St-l for making this event possible too! Of course big thanks to my partner Momo! Here’s the broadcast with the time slots! Enjoy!

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Reality 0:00 til 0:59

Spacekadet 0:59 til 1:59
http://planetbreak.tumblr.com/ Electrik Zoo

J.BEE 1:59 til 2:59
Electrik Zoo

DJ Bakhand 2:58 til 3:54

DJ Noyl & Famelik 3:54 til 5:36

Dave Dialect 5:38 til 6:51

Adventure Club 6:52 til the END 😀

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