[Dubstep OVERDOZE #5] J.Rabbit, Bassnectar, Deadmau5, Hans Zimmer, The Sonixx, ZMIX, Toddla T, Ed Solo, Mega-Bass, Xanexx, TheRiotz

Posted By: Eric Robberts On:

Amazing remix from The Sonixx! I totally love it! If you are not too far from Montreal, we have the first Electrokill Summer Bash on July 30th …and you will have the chance to see The Sonixx perform with Adventure Club, Dj Bakhand, New Hero and many other artists! We have a “very” limited capacity so make sure to reserve your spot asap! The party will also be broadcasted on the web for you guys who are on the other side of the world 🙂

Deadmau5 – Raise Your Weapon (The SoniXx Dubstep Remix)

Toddla T – Watch Me Dance (SebastiAn Remix)

J. Rabbit – Im So Happy (Original)


Sorry no preview for the following tracks, I tried and tried to reupload them but it just doesn’t want to work 🙁 But you should download them anyways…they ROCK!

Bassnectar – Cozza Frenzy (Mega-Bass Remix)

Ed Solo – Age Of Dub (Remember Age of Love ^^)

Hans Zimmer – Time (ZMiX Dubstep Remix) (Dubstep remix of the theme from the movie “Inception” ABSOLUTELY EPIC, one of my favorite tracks atm)

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