Spooky Jones and Fast Nasty – Hypno Roll EP release [DUBSTEP]

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Well I am a day later then promised, I ended up getting stuck on a lake.

I am proud to present the release of the Hypno Roll EP by Spooky Jones and Fast Nasty, released yesterday, May 30th on Abstract Logic Recordings. It is now available on Addictech. I’ve assembled a near four minute preview of the four track EP, but first I’d like to describe a little about each of the songs first.

Hypno Roll is the first track that is heard on the EP, and it’s also clearly the title track. It’s a hard hitting tune, with echoing siren like noises that quickly work together into a build up that leads to thick bass and a series of chopping wobbles. Throughout the song the sounds continue to get manipulated and twisted and only stop briefly until assaulting the senses again.

Sex Stain is the second collaborative track on the EP. The other two songs are solo tracks by Spooky Jones and Fast Nasty respectively. In the background uplifting notes play quickly while the bass is at it’s thickest, possibly, of the entire EP.

Red Desert is Spooky Jone’s solo track. It slows things down compared to the other three tracks, and is placed perfectly when listening to the EP entirely. It’s also a great stand alone track too. This song could easily be played out at a party or in the middle of a set to cool things down.

Push My Buttons is the solo track from Fast Nasty. It speeds things up again and closes out the EP nicely. The intro of the song is short and sweet, and I love the use of odd sounds through the course of the song. Be prepared to be grooving to odd dings and bells that work seamlessly together.

Spooky Jones and Fast Nasty Hypno Roll EP Preview

Purchase the EP on Addictech here.

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