Sonny Moore – Equinox (Skrillex Remix) [DUBSTEP] + Flux Pavilion, 12th Planet, Getter, Dan Wall, Total Recall, Megalodon, Fugees, Dopestep, Feyght-Dub

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Sonny Moore – Equinox (Skrillex Remix)

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You crave more Skrillex? Here’s an older track for you with the amazing 12th Planet!

12th Planet feat Skrillex – Father Said

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//—————- BEGIN BEATPORT PLAYER ———————–

//—————- END BEATPORT PLAYER ————————-


Not a huge remix in term of changes compared to the original but I think Getter did a pretty good job on it anyways, changing the original too much would have been a mistake imo. I think we’ll be seeing/hearing a lot more from him in 2011!

Flux Pavilion – Bass Cannon (Getter Remix)

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Megalodon – Why The Fuck Not (Original Mix)

var hcode=”qolznw0mpus8″;var htitle=”Megalodon – Why The Fuck Not (Original Mix) – [ELECTROKILL.INFO].mp3″;var hwidth=”410″;var zombie=”raven”;


Fugees – Fu-Gee-La (Dopestep & Feyght-Dub Remix)

var hcode=”5swp75ngtrkn”;var htitle=”Fugees – Fu-Gee-La [Dopestep & Feyght-Dub Remix] – [ELECTROKILL.INFO].mp3″;var hwidth=”410″;var zombie=”raven”;


Dan Wall – Obsidian (Total Recall Remix)

var hcode=”mpw6t4p0u3tv”;var htitle=”Dan Wall – Obsidian (Total Recall Remix) – [ELECTROKILL.INFO].mp3″;var hwidth=”410″;var zombie=”raven”;

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