Crookers/Dr. Gonzo – MixMag Mix – [ELECTRO-HOUSE]

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Guess what? we have a new member in the electrokill family! He is Gridlock aka Nutgrass and he is our new contributor.

He is passionate about Dubstep and Electro, he saw most big dubstep producers live, he is someone motivated and he knows what he’s talking about! We are very proud to have him in the team, he already brought some innovations to the site…and that is just a start!

From me, STRFCKR and all our readers, a big welcome to Gridlock!

Hello I’d like to introduce myself, my name is Gridlock or Nutgrass and I’ll be posting for the site now. My tastes fall right in line with everything this blog is about so be sure to expect the best electro and dubstep I can find, and watch out for exclusives you won’t find anywhere else. I thought for my first post I’d give you guys Crooker’s/Dr. Gonzo’s new mix for MixMag magazine, and I’m thinking this might be one of the few places you can actually download it. 
Dr. Gonzo/Crooker’s MixMag Mix

Crookers EXCLUSIVE Dr Gonzo Mixmag Mix – April 2011 by

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