Captain PANIC! – Unload! (Drumstep To Dubstep Mix) [DUBSTEP]

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“Eons ago, it was fortold that Captain PANIC, a being of great power, would breach the boundaries of the mortal realm. His task was to analyze any systematic corruption on the planet. It it was deemed beyond saving, Captain PANIC would re-originate the planet to cleanse it of corruption, killing all currently living organisms in the process. Upon reaching Earth, Captain PANIC was please with things such as oatmeal cookies and rootbeer. He almost seemed content with what he observed until he stumbled upon something horrifying. Dubstep. This sent Captain PANIC into a endless rage, destroying everything in his path. However, when he reached the great city of Los Angeles, two heroes stood in his way. In an epic battle that lasted for more than a century, Andrew McKay and Michael Myers fought Captain PANIC and valiantly resisted his advances. With the power of heavy bass music, they continue to thwart his plans to enslave the Human race and will not stop until he is been banished back to his evil realm.”

Captain PANIC! – Unload! (Drumstep To Dubstep Mix)

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