Antiserum & 12th planet – Purple & gold + Dr.Philth, Chizzle, Hax, Wonkap, Bella Cruize

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I love the west coast feel to this track! Not to hard and filthy dubstep but a great chillout song to play loud in your car when cruising downtown [enter your city here]

Antiserum and 12th planet – Purple and gold (Original mix)

var hcode=”ujed753sqgrt”;var htitle=”Antiserum and 12th planet – Purple and gold (Original mix) – [ELECTROKILL.INFO].mp3″;var hwidth=”410″;var zombie=”raven”;

//—————- BEGIN BEATPORT PLAYER ———————–

//—————- END BEATPORT PLAYER ————————-


Wonkap – Bananasplit Vip

var hcode=”8f50lsv3yd7c”;var htitle=”Wonkap – Bananasplit Vip – [ELECTROKILL.INFO].mp3″;var hwidth=”410″;var zombie=”raven”;


Impressive drop at 1:20, I was not convinced by the beginning 😉 and it gets even more interesting at 1:48

Bella Cruize – Promise Me (Remix Sessions Ep)

var hcode=”gg8rghjkq34o”;var htitle=”Bella Cruize – Promise Me (Remix Sessions Ep) – [ELECTROKILL.INFO].mp3″;var hwidth=”410″;var zombie=”raven”;


Chizzle & Hax – B3. Dirtee Krookz

var hcode=”v9hdb6wuqtl4″;var htitle=”Chizzle & Hax – B3. Dirtee Krookz – [ELECTROKILL.INFO].mp3″;var hwidth=”410″;var zombie=”raven”;


Another Doctor in the dubstep world, far from Doctor P though 😉 a lot filthier and harder ^^

Dr.Philth – Techno Wank

var hcode=”yuwz9adlgdd5″;var htitle=”Dr.Philth – Techno Wank – [ELECTROKILL.INFO].mp3″;var hwidth=”410″;var zombie=”raven”;

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