Skream Ft. Sam Frank – Anticipate [DUBSTEP] + Heist, Mensah, Mele, DWB, Jobatone, 5mokenyeti5, Dj Madd

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Skream Ft. Sam Frank – Anticipate! Big track!

Get the second track in the video right here!

Heist – I Need Killers (Dubstep remix)
(also known as the 140 edit)

var hcode=”why5lxf6y6by”;var htitle=”Heist – I Need Killers (Dubstep Remix) – [ELECTROKILL.INFO].mp3″;var hwidth=”410″;var zombie=”raven”;


//—————- BEGIN BEATPORT PLAYER ———————–

//—————- END BEATPORT PLAYER ————————-


WOw …just wow! That’s my type of Dubstep 😀 The choon has a Skrillex feeling to it ^^

Check DWB out on Soundcloud

Dwb – Refukulated (Original Mix)

var hcode=”j96377xugk7j”;var htitle=”Dwb – Refukulated (Original Mix) – [ELECTROKILL.INFO].mp3″;var hwidth=”410″;var zombie=”raven”;

If you dig it get more DWB right —> HERE


Dj Madd – Arpz 3000

var hcode=”iro1upwjbvt1″;var htitle=”Dj Madd – Arpz 3000 – [ELECTROKILL.INFO].mp3″;var hwidth=”410″;var zombie=”raven”;


Jobatone – Dont Shoot The Pickups (5mokenyeti5 Remix)

var hcode=”xcw9aumc8jff”;var htitle=”Jobatone – Dont Shoot The Pickups (5mokenyeti5 Remix) – [ELECTROKILL.INFO].mp3″;var hwidth=”410″;var zombie=”raven”;


Now is the time to get FUCKING GRIMEY!!! To all my grime headz out there!

Mele – Trappin (Mensahs Future Grime Remix)

var hcode=”nl00p6zw1rv6″;var htitle=”Mele – Trappin (Mensahs Future Grime Remix) – [ELECTROKILL.INFO].mp3″;var hwidth=”410″;var zombie=”raven”;

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