Flux Pavilion – Bass Cannon [DUBSTEP] + J.Rabbit, Demokracy, Bass Science, Quentin Hiatus, Tremourz, Davr F3tch, Torqux, Twist

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Yes we’ve been (and I’m sure you too) waiting for a long time for this one….it’s here, right there and it’s HUGE! As usual from Flux Pavilion who is my favorite dubstep artist…yes Flux you are the best!

Flux Pavilion – Bass Cannon (Original Mix)

var hcode=”j6dnpfp4a5yc”;var htitle=”Flux Pavilion – Bass Cannon (Original Mix) 320 – [ELECTROKILL.INFO].mp3″;var hwidth=”410″;var zombie=”raven”;

//—————- BEGIN BEATPORT PLAYER ———————–

//—————- END BEATPORT PLAYER ————————-


Torqux And Twist – Go Away

var hcode=”25dia2s0l9c5″;var htitle=”Torqux And Twist – Go Away – [ELECTROKILL.INFO].mp3″;var hwidth=”410″;var zombie=”raven”;


Davr F3tch – Rawness (Original Mix)

var hcode=”deotsxpvdhqw”;var htitle=”Davr F3tch – Rawness – Original Mix – [ELECTROKILL.INFO].mp3″;var hwidth=”410″;var zombie=”raven”;


Tremourz And J. Rabbit – Mustardayonnaise

var hcode=”a0fn6lso6348″;var htitle=”Tremourz And J. Rabbit – Mustardayonnaise – [ELECTROKILL.INFO].mp3″;var hwidth=”410″;var zombie=”raven”;


Quentin Hiatus – Live Lite (Original Mix)

var hcode=”j3b8b7qa4p3c”;var htitle=”Quentin Hiatus – Live Lite – Original Mix – [ELECTROKILL.INFO].mp3″;var hwidth=”410″;var zombie=”raven”;


Demokracy – Wintermute (Bass Science Remix)

var hcode=”nuuj9s9ci9yq”;var htitle=”Demokracy – Wintermute (Bass Science Remix) – [ELECTROKILL.INFO].mp3″;var hwidth=”410″;var zombie=”raven”;

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